Our Volunteers are Making a
Difference in the Lives of Women
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We Appreciate Our Volunteers and Ministry Partners

Our ministry is only possible through the efforts and charitable giving of people and organizations who care about the lives of women struggling with the challenges of starting their lives over after incarceration.  Our volunteers and partners are remarkable people and we are sincerely grateful for their willingness to make sacrifices on behalf of these women.

Why are some of the faces blurred?

Many of our Grace Home residents prefer that their stay at Grace Home remain confidential.  In some cases this may be for security reasons...residents may not want their image to be publicly visible in a way that might allow their location to be determined.  In other cases, our residents may simply prefer that their image not be shown publicly in contexts that draw attention to their criminal past (such as residing in a prison transition home).
PACM has a privacy policy that respects Grace Home residents' security and privacy, so images appearing in our publications or on our public website will obscure their image unless they have given consent to use them unobscured.  For similar reasons, we do not publish the names of Grace Home residents without consent.